Al-Fath Al-Islami Company for Food Industries

Al-Fath Al-Islami Company for Food Industries was established in the year 1995 AD, and specialized in the beginning of its founding in the production of halva and flour, and with the passage of time the company increased its products, infrastructure, tools and production machines and became one of the largest companies specialized in food production at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It has become a large source and financier of nutritional products such as (halva, flour, sauce, jam and honey) and by the latest means of production from local and international machines in the production of foodstuffs and has become a large edifice of architecture and labor

Company's Policy

Since its inception since 1995, the company has adopted the principle of total quality, and in order to achieve this, it has used the largest consultants in the field of food industries and production and now has the following:

Equipped buildings

Buildings equipped with the highest level and equipped with the latest technical devices

The largest wholesale and retail customer base

The company is keen to create a large base of wholesale and retail customers and agents

The world of production and packaging

It is keeping pace with the tremendous development in the world of production and packaging

Experts in food processing

The company has elite of the best Egyptian workers, specialists and trained at the highest level

Fleet we strive to serve you

The company was keen to own a number of cars equipped to meet the desires of customers in an immediate manner

Quality is the secret to success

The company raised the slogan of quality, the secret of success, and committed to providing the highest quality products

Company Products

The company offers many high quality products such as halva (plain, chocolate, nuts), tahini, jam (fig, strawberry), fresh juices (mango, guava, apple, cocktail) and black honey

Our partners in success

Company Team


  • “One of the best companies in manufacturing halva in Egypt is crystal sweet, which tastes very rigid.”

    ‏‎Mohamed Mahmoud Alemam

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  • "Quality is the secret of success and the products of Islamic conquest are always successful because of their quality of success and success for success."

    Apdelhameed Masoud‎‏

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  • "Really a leading company in the food industry I wish you all success."

    Hesham Zahra‎‏

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